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    And what it theme to this roleplaying beside spanking
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    hello there amy how are you this week
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    Just in case someone wonders why I will outright not rp with them. I read rp's and likely have experienced you or dealt with you on the old Shoujo.
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    Eisenwane Shiro: Shoujo Otk's Lawful Evil, resident evil, drama starter (supposedly), and common sense user. I will only be answering pm's concerning website issue's and member issues from this point onward. So do not expect me to answer pm's. But I will answer VM's if you do not spam my feed. I will not block anyone as I am in a position where that is an impossibility. Now eschewing messages that are inconsequential is a maybe depending on if it's something I will respond to or not. I am not a babysitter, so if it is beyond your power to use your head, do not try to borrow mine. Lastly, you are only my friend if I have given you my Skype name. Anything but is an acquaintance at best. No offense to anyone on this site but, a friend is someone that will accept the good and the evil within me. Not chat with me for a second and know nothing about me and push misguided feelings upon me. If you want to get to know me more, I will assure you I will use (the little memory I/notepad) things about you as well.
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    James was Adult fifty year german man. He was school teacher at locate school in the area. also he was a single father of twenty year Daughter, whom he loved very much. he look up at the clock it read 7:45 am and so when up and when into his daughter room He woke her up " honey it time to get up" said James softly.
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    "We don't to disturb her or Dad." Violet let her go. "We've heard reports of a Team Alpha, rising up to fill the void Team Rocket has left. We need to eliminate this threat immediately." "Well, that and to be better than my wife," James teased. "Do you think that will really work, Mom?"
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    Violet hugged her. "Hm. No. Since you're sorry." Penny nodded. "Yes, I will, right away." "Well, I'm driven by one thing." "I know, Mom, that's why I asked for your help. Alice is afraid everyone is gonna hurt her."
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    Over my lap" command James, get hair burhs ready
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    you lied to me young lady, replied James , head thre finger as to count down
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    " Okay bare you behind young lady" replied James
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    Let me check you temperature then" replied James soft. as he left the room. two minutes later he came back. " stick this in your mouth
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    "Well, time have breakfast beore you go off to college class this morning" replied Jzames
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    "What's funny, Susan?" "You won't, honestly." "Stop it, you two," Violet scolded, holding them apart.
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