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    I think it when down
  2. Wow this is a blast from the past.

  3. not sure if I should say this here but my friend who goes by KellyCane here wants author status since the longer stories I posted are from him.

  4. if a gallery was made, how would I find it?

  5. Welcome Armada fan

  6. I'm waiting!

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      I know.  Not bbeen this forum very much

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  7. And what it theme to this roleplaying beside spanking

  8. hello are going you returning

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    Single magical Parent closed For PhantomPhan

    Misty nodded " She bit trouble with learning. Se Super smart Julia Dort came in " yes Master asked Julia, As Misty started to spanked Violet magic blovking her magic "Why you rolling your eye?" whined Army " I think that should Okay" replied Misty with peck on Ash lips