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  1. I am not a newbie. I have been here since 2016, and am an active member, and have written and co-written stories with ArmadaFan that appear under his name since he posted them. I am an author, an active member an author and by no means a newbie. Will you please respond to this?

    1. Angelty


      how many stores have he posted?

  2. I am not a newbie. I've been a member here since 2016, and have written a lot of longer stories that ArmadaFan has posted here so they are under her name but they're my work, and Armada has credited ne with the work. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I'm no newbie. I'm an active member and author, so I need to be recognized as such. Please, one of the mods respond to me. You insult me by calling me a newbie!

  3. I have been interested in spanking since childhood, but not spanking for funsies. I prefer spankings that are deserved; I wanted to understand WHY I would be spanked, AND that I deserved it. That is where much of my excitement for spanking stems. I am a writer, and I prefer writing stories about humans over anthros, though I have extensive experience in both. Please read my works and tell me what you think! All of my works, as well as works I've written with him and Kager, have been uploaded by ArmadaFan--just so you'll know where to look. I hope to write many stories for you!

  4. Hi, Anglty1 

    Are you still interested in Role Playing with Me? Please notify me one way or the other. Thanks!

  5. Yeah. . . . I like Michael Jackson!

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    2. KellyCrane


      Hi! I said i'd reach you today. unforunately i haven't been able to check out the M J movie, but I will.

    3. Conker
    4. Conker
  6. Hi, Angelty! Thanks so much for your kind greeting! Is there anyway I can serve you?. . . . Maybe you know me from other sites, under my real name at the old Shoujo or AOTK, or under this name at SkyOTK? . . . . . Anyway, thanks again, and I'd enjoy hearing from you!

    1. KellyCrane


      Well, my name is. . . . charles wilbourn. . . . 

    2. Angelty
    3. KellyCrane


      I'm always here to serve you!

  7. hello there Kelly

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    2. KellyCrane


      I guess I prefer playing a boy, since I am a male, but I've had considerable success playing a girl or woman. By nature I'm a spankee, but I'v played the disciplinarian before with success, and I've written lots of stories in which I experience the natures of spankers and spankees; so I guess my experience is pretty even between girls and women, youths and boys, and women and girls who are spankers, either of boys or girls--all of my spankees deserve to be spanked.

    3. KellyCrane


      To whom it may concern: I challenge my status hree as a "newbie." I have been a member of this site since 2016, and have written a number of stories here. I was also a very active member of the original shoujo, and I had written a lot of stories here. Since ArmadaFan has posted these stories ad co-writer a number of stories, but a number of the stories are mine. Please acknowledge me not only as a writer, and upgrade substantially my position as a "newbie," cause I am not one.

    4. Angelty


      Okay I fixed your count.  how many stories have your friend posted