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  1. Hi Eisenwane how are you?

  2. i have some ideas for that teacher one we were doing if you wanna keep that one going

    1. Emil


      I'd say I'm sorry for how everything's turned out. But man, you really fucked up!

  3. i promise if we rp with you i wont bug you

  4. Hopefully I have resolved my extra issue, so this weekend I will make the test.

    1. Emil


      Inb4 new issues will replace the old ones~

      As for the test, take your time, it's not like this site is dying to have mods or whatever given the activity

  5. i said i was sorry. is there anything i can do to make it up to u???

  6. its been 8 days. are u still mad at me?

  7. But you're such an ass though, <.<

  8. I feel like banning you for spamming, but you're not spamming so it's just painfully funny.

    You win this round, S-kin.

  9. 2935592b03.png



    Just in case someone wonders why I will outright not rp with them. I read rp's and likely have experienced you or dealt with you on the old Shoujo. 

    1. Emil


      Not sure if I have suggested as much already. But I'd suggest a "Casual Roleplay" or "Advanced Roleplay" board.


      Casual Roleplay:

      Casual Roleplay entails writing at least a paragraph or two, character development, and some depth. Grammar and spelling are encouraged. Generally one paragraph (a few sentences) per post.


      Advanced Roleplay:

      Advanced RP focuses on longer losts, often with in-depth plots, character development and extensive settings/lore. Must make a dedicated effort to minimize typographical errors and to use good grammar. Generally two paragraphs, but usually longer.


      But well, I'm certainly not one to speak, seeing as I clearly don't belong here~

    2. Eisenwane


      It's also not a post so whatcha' gotta say now? You ass, go get good you piece of trash.

  10. f4fad96a73.jpg


  11. Eisenwane Shiro: Shoujo Otk's Lawful Evil, resident evil, drama starter (supposedly), and common sense user. 

    I will only be answering pm's concerning website issue's and member issues from this point onward. So do not expect me to answer pm's. But I will answer VM's if you do not spam my feed. 

    I will not block anyone as I am in a position where that is an impossibility. Now eschewing messages that are inconsequential is a maybe depending on if it's something I will respond to or not.

    I am not a babysitter, so if it is beyond your power to use your head, do not try to borrow mine.

    Lastly, you are only my friend if I have given you my Skype name. Anything but is an acquaintance at best. No offense to anyone on this site but, a friend is someone that will accept the good and the evil within me. Not chat with me for a second and know nothing about me and push misguided feelings upon me.


    If you want to get to know me more, I will assure you I will use (the little memory I/notepad) things about you as well.

    1. Eisenwane


      I'm entirely too lazy (and don't have the power to) edit that, so I will leave it where it is.

  12. hello judging by the posts down there, the next test is not ready?

  13. uh......hey there,angelty told me to take the other test with you...

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    2. Papyrus


      Do i assume you've made the test since zoey is staff leader?

    3. Eisenwane


      I didn't do that, so the answer is no. The test will be made friday evening and it'll be live Saturday.

    4. Papyrus


      Ah ok then sorry for bothering you.

  14. Please dont be mad at me any more i really am sincerely sorry.

    1. Maybeck1


      youre like my best friend on here and i cant live with out you and all i ask is for one more chance to show you that ive changed,,,,

  15. Its been four days are u still mad at me?