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General Rules:

  1. no spamming
  2. No flames wars/hate speech
  3. Listen to Any staff members give you directions 
  4. No back seat moderating.  if you want to help.  hit the flag content button. Let the staff do their jobs 


Role playing Forum Rules

  1. Put the the role playing thread under the correct Role playing Sub forum
  2. If a RP is going to contain sexual acts, state in that the characters that engage in the act are of legal age in the US by the ages of 17-18.
  3. God modding is not allowed.
  4. Make sure you know what your Role Playing partner is fine with what you do before you do it, it would simply make the Role Play less fun.
  5. When something is labeled "for ...." or "closed for ..." RESPECT THAT. If a RP is open then you may ask the users in it politely to join.


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