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Super Mario Bros. - The Koopalings Big Mistake

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by Kager and I.

"I can't believe it!" Bowser Junior shouted against the other Koopakids. "Dad made PEACE with the mushroom kingdom? That goody-two-shoes of a princess Peach must have a good influence on him."

The others didn't know what to say, would they dare question their father?[/quote]

"We will go conquer the mushroom kingdom ourselves. Dad may have made peace with them but we didn't." He added. "When we are done dad will come back to his senses and be very proud of us."

"Yeah." Iggy said.[/quote]

"I am not so sure junior.' Wendy O Koopa said. 'I would love to kick the princess of her throne and all but dad seemed pretty convinced about making peace. I mean I wouldn't to be able to sit down.

"Whimps." Junior said.[/quote]

"She doesn't talk for all of us." Some of the others said. "But she DOES have a point."

"When we conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and bring back Peach for him, Dad will forget all about punishing us." Junior said.[/quote]

"And what if he doesn't?" Wendy wanted to know.

"Trust me." Junior said.[/quote]

"Something tells me I shouldn't but okay." Wendy said with a sigh, "What's the plan big brother?"[/quote]

"It is simple, we sneak into the castle and take the princess and some of her subjects hostage." He said.

"Let's go now." Roy said.[/quote]

"Let's suit up first, we need some disguises if we wanna sneak into the castle unnoticed."

"I got a better idea." Junior said as he took out his wand and changes himself and the others into Mushrooms.[/quote]

"Can't you make me prettier then Toadette?" Wendy complained.

"Forget about that and let's go." Junior said.[/quote]

"I would only take a little effort." Wendy muttered under her breath as she followed her siblings.

They traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom and once they were at the castle, they reverted back to their normal appearance and snuck in.[/quote]

"Some of us should distract the guards while the rest of us will get the princess." Junior whispered.

Lemmy and Ludwig took the guards.[/quote]

The others found the royal chambers and barged in.

"What's going on?" Princess Peach asked right before she was tackled.[/quote]

"You are our prisoner now Peaches." Junior said. "Now daddy will come to his sensed and see how foolish it was to make peace with your kingdom."

The Koopalings bind and gag Peach.[/quote]

She struggled and yelled: "That's PRINCESS P." Before she was gagged.

Wendy began rummaging through Peaches clothes. "She maybe a weakling but she has style." She said, admiring some dresses.

"Forget those, we need to leave before more guards come." Junior said.[/quote]

"What can they do? We have the princess." Wendy said and looked at Peach. "You won't mind if I try one on, right?"

"Fine but we leave the second you put it on." Junior said.[/quote]

"I asked her, big brother, not you." She corrected him.

Peach scowled at Wendy.[/quote]

"Staying silent means you don't mind." Wendy smiled and took Peaches favorite dress out of the closet.

She tried on the dress then she and the others left the castle wile outrunning and eventually loosing the guards.[/quote]

Wendy, who liked the dress had took it with her.
"Let's place her on dad's throne as a surprise." Junior proposed.

They put Peach on Bowser's throne and then went back to their room to await their approving father.[/quote]

The Koopalings where wondering if they would get a reward and if so what it would be. "I hope daddy will let me keep this dress." Wendy said to herself.

Within a little while, Bowser barged in to the room with the untied Peach by his side.[/quote]

"Hi daddy." The Koopalings said smiling. "Is she untied? Good thing you came back of she might hav escaped." Junior said.

"I untied Princess Peach because I wanted her to leave." Bowser said. "Did you really think I would approve of this after I made peace with her?"[/quote]

"Leave? You didn't want her in your throne room? Should have put her in the dungeon? We thought you would have liked a surprise." Junior said.

"Yes daddy, we know you made peace with her because she put you under some kind of spell." Wendy added.

"I made peace with her because I realized I could never win and this is the easier option." Bowser said. "Take off your shells, all of you are gonna get the spankings of your life!"[/quote]

"A...a spanking?" The Kooplings whimpered. "But dad, you are supposed to be proud at us." They whined.

"Well, I'm not, now, shells off, I won't tell you again!" Bowser said.[/quote]

Reluctant the Koopaling began to take their shells off. "We just wanted to make you proud." Junior whined. "We really though she put some kind of spell on you, forcing you to make peace."

"Well, you know better now but it's still to late to get out of your punishment." Bowser said.[/quote]

"Whe're sorry?" Iggy, the youngest tried.

"Too late." Peach said.[/quote]

She took Wendy and Junior by a ear and led them over to Wendy's part of the room. She opened the drawer of Wendy's dressing-table and rummaged around. "Since you tried one of my dresses you won't mind me trying out this." She said as she took out a hairbrush.

"Of curse not." Wendy said, realizing any more protests would make things worse.[/quote]

"How are we gonna do this? Lady's first or 'mastermind' first. I am pretty sure the idea came from Junior here." Peach said.

Bowser took the first of his share of the Koopalings across his knee.

Junior and Wendy both said nothing, neither wanted to go first.[/quote]

"I expect a answer." Peach said, tapping the back of the hairbrush on her left palm.

"Fine, me." Junior said.[/quote]

"No! I wanna go first." Wendy said, thinking that waiting for her turn would be worse then getting it over with right away.

"Alright then, both of you at once." Peach said as she took both Junior and Wendy over her knees.[/quote]

She secured them both with a arm over their backs. "Do you have anything to say for yourselves?" She asked as she tapped both bottoms with the hairbrush a few times.

They shook their heads.[/quote]

"As you wish." Peach said and began to spank them hard first both cheeks of Wendy's bottom, then both cheeks of Juniors, then Wendy's again etc.

The other Koopalings were leaning with their hands on the wall.[/quote]

Bowser had Iggy over his knee and raised his paw.

He then brought it down hard on Iggy's real.[/quote]

Iggy screamed, untill now he had hoped his fater and Peach just wanted to scare them.

Junior started to sniffle as Peach paddled him and Wendy with the hairbrush.[/quote]

Wendy was already in tears, her hairbrush hurt way more then she would have thought possible.

Her and Junior's bottom started to turn pink.[/quote]

"I bet you are getting the idea it was a wrong thing to do now?" Peach asked.

"We already did." Junior and Wendy said.[/quote]

"Well, I am gonna make sure you will remember it for a very long time."

Meanwhile, Iggy was bawling his eyes out over Bowser's lap.[/quote]

"This is what happens to naughty Koopalings who don't mind their father's actions." Bowser said grim.

Iggy was too busy sobbing to say anything.[/quote]

After ten more slaps his father let him up and sent him to a corner.

"Ludwig." Bowser called.[/quote]

"Y...yes dad?" Ludwig tried, though he know his father meant to come over for his spanking.

"Come here and get over my lap." Bowser said.[/quote]

"Dad, please. We are REALLY sorry, we honestly thought this peace was a jinx or a trick, we just wanted to help you out and make you proud." He tried to explain.

"And I already said that is no excuse." Bowser said. "Now get over here or you'll get the paddle."[/quote]

"I think it is a very good excuse." Ludwig said as he slowly walked over. "Can't we just work for the princess or something to make it up to her?"

"No." Peach said as she let Junior and Wendy up who were now sporting bright red rear ends and were sobbing.[/quote]

"Into the corner you two, and don't even dare to think about rubbing." She ordered them.

"About your idea Ludwig, it is a good one but I have no chores to do and a spanking is way more effective I think."

Ludwig gave up and went over to Bowser.[/quote]

During the spanking Peach said "I saw that!" She walked back over to Wendy, grabbing the hairbrush on the way and gave the female Koopaling ten hard swats or already sore bottom. "I told you not to rub!" She scolded.

"Okay, okay!" Wendy yelped and put her hands on her head.[/quote]

"Do you need a reminder not to rub as well Junior?" She asked.

Junior shook his head wile still crying.[/quote]

"Good. Bowser? Do you want me to take care of some others?" She asked.

"Yes." Bowser said, still spanking Ludwig.[/quote]

"Larry and Lemmy, you are coming with me." Peach ordered.

Larry and Lemmmy came to Peach.

"I can't understand why it is so hard for you to believe your father and me made peace for real." She scolded them. "He tried for year to conquer my kingdom and he failed every time. Wasn't it clear making peace was a better solution?" She said as she too both of them by a ear and led them over to the chair where she had sat down to spank Wendy and Junior.

"When you put it that way." Lemmy said, embarrassed.[/quote]

"I am glad it is getting trough to you, and a good dose of Wendy's hairbrush will help too." She said. "Lemmy, you are first. Larry you face the wall untill it is your turn."

Lemmy got over Peach's lap.[/quote]

"I am glad you're cooperate Lemmy." She said. "You understand you deserve this?"

Lemmy nodded.[/quote]

"Then there is no reason to scold you and I can start right away." She said, raising the brush.

As Peach started Lemmy's spanking, Ludwig was sobbing over Bowser's lap as his bottom was becoming bright red.[/quote]

"I'm sorry dad." He sniffled.

Bowser gave Ludwig one more hard smack and then let him up.[/quote]

Bawling the Koopaling trotted over to a corner.

Peach was doing a good job on Lemmy's bottom, it was light red already.

Lemmy went limp.[/quote]

Peach felt a little sorry for him but was determind to make sure he learned his lesson so she spanked until his bottom became a darker red.

Lemmy was then let up.[/quote]

"You park yourself in a corner to calm down, you hear?" She told him, not unfriendly.[/quote]

"Larry." Peach said, patting her lap.

Larry walked over to Peach.[/quote]

"I think you know what to do." She said.

Larry hopped up and lies down over Peache's lap.[/quote]

"Good boy." Peach said. "A good lesson, some corner time and you are forgiven." She promised.

At the same time, Bowser took Roy over his lap.[/quote]

"I'm sorry dad, but Junior made it sound so convincing." He mumbeled.

"Alright, I know that but you are still going to get your rump roasted." Bowser said.[/quote]

"I'm sorry we messed up so badly." He sniffed.

In the meantime Peach was done with Larry and put him in a corner as well. "Wendy, Junior, you can come out. And I would like a word with you Wendy." She said.

Wendy come over to Peach.[/quote]

Peach led her to a more private part of the room. "About the dress you took, do you really like it so much?" She asked.

Wendy nodded.[/quote]

"Then you can keep it.' Peach said. "It may be my favorite dress but I can alway ask the tailor to make me another one." She gave the female koopaling a smile. "Surprised?" She asked.

"Yeah." Wendy said.[/quote]

"This way I can prove you are truly forgiven," Peach said. "And you have something nice to wear if you come to visit me."

Wendy nodded.

meanwhile, Roy was now sobbing like mad over Bowser's lap.[/quote]

"I hope you are learning your lesson boy." The King of all Koopa's said sternly.

Roy nodded, sobbing to hard to respond in words.[/quote]

"Good." Bowser said and finished the spanking with three more hard swats.

Roy hopped up and down as he rubbed his bottom.

"I want all of you to go to bed, I don't wanna hear or see anyone of you untill dinner time!" He told them.

the Koopalings got their shells and got into their beds.[/quote]

 "I think they got the point now." Peach said and gave Bowser a smile.


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